Tips On How to Pick A Good Share House

It is important to pick a shared house that suits you and you will find a comfort zone after a working day. We will give you some tips on how to pick a nice shared house in Taipei, and we are confident that those tips will give you some clues about making the right decision.

Lots of people will ask property management agencies or share house operators to help them to find a place to settle, however, they normally have a very different company policy. Here are a few points that you might need to consider before asking them for help:

  • If there is a proper rental contract?

You need to be 100% sure that there’s an actual contract, and also to double-check if it is a contract with a fixed-term, rental contract, the property rules, how much you need to pay for the rent, additional charges for facilities, how the company response problems efficiently. Make sure that you go through the contract carefully, if you don’t understand something, you can always ask about your concerns. You have to make sure that you get the satisfied answers before signing the contract.

  • Does this shared house have permission from the landlord to rent out to the tenants?

If the share house company has no permission from landlords to sublease to guests, it is an illegal activity, and landlords have rights to kick all tenants out at any time.

Electrical errors, handrails not installed on all staircases, missing & broken smoke Alarms, dangerous windows, etc. You need to check all facilities are good, and work before moving in.

  • How good is their response time? Did they explain the house or the rules?

It is very important for the property management team to respond quickly regarding residents’ emergencies. For example, you have a problem with water leak at property, and you need to contact the company to make sure they deal with the issue immediately. You can also “judge” the company by their efficiency in dealing with any emergencies, you don’t want to fix problems at the last minute.

  • What services do they provide? Are the services match your needs?

Different share houses offer different packages. All Shared houses under Home Sweet Home Brand are fully furnished, also provide weekly cleaning services and basic living supplies. The only thing you need is to bring your luggage, and be comfortable.

  • How well does the property manager get along with tenants?

We understand that it is hard to avoid some small issues with house facilities, for example: light bulb not working etc,. If the management team can help you to solve some issues, you will feel more relief and more open up to them when you need to help with something.

In Home Sweet Home Share House, we treat our tenants as our friends. We invite all flatmates on a social media group online, therefore it is convenient and easy for tenants to communicate anytime. We also provide a housekeeper for each shared house to make sure each of our properties is in a great condition, most importantly to make our tenants happy and comfortable.

Tips to find a shared house that suits you the most:

  • Write down your options in choosing a shared house

You may really care about the location, if the location is convenient enough, the design of the shared house also very important for most people.

Some people might be interested in meeting people from different countries, so they might prefer to stay with foreigners in shared house.

Different management companies also have various service fees. Make sure to check the monthly fees and utilities fee before you move in.

  • Read and Understand the house rules

Some shared houses allow people to bring their pets, and women-only, etc,. We suggest you check the house rules to fully understand what it says. It is very important for the new tenants because we are living in the same house and we need to think about others as well. It helps to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

  • Check out the atmosphere of the house, and what kind of people you are going to live with

Once you have found a shared place that you like, make sure to make an appointment to have an inspection. It will allow you to understand what living atmosphere like in the house, and what kind of people you are going to live with.

Inspection allows you to get to know potential living environment better, for example you can see whether the place is quite, relaxing, or a party house. If you don’t like it, you can always change to different shared houses.


Is it sketchy to live in a shared house? Do people fight when they live under the same roof?

Cleaning probably is the biggest issue when multiple tenants live under the same roof.  Also the electricity bills also cause conflicts, because maybe one of the roommates has a relatively higher bill, but all people need to split up equally.

At Home Sweet Home Share House, we provide the cleaning service, and tenants don’t need to arrange cleaning by themselves. Or be worried about who’s going to be next to dump the garbage, or to do chores.

The rent that you are going to pay is all inclusive, and we don’t ask you for the additional charges for utilities. The only thing we want you to do is to bring your luggage and enjoy your life. We stand with you, and here for you whenever you need us.