What is a Share House?

What is a Share House?

A Share House is a rental place with individual rooms/ share rooms and share public spaces with others under the same roof. It provides you a better environment if you want to stay in a hassle-free environment and be socialized.  It has a management team to make sure that the environment that they offer to you can give you a great impression, a comfortable a living environment, and a reasonable price.

When Taipei internationals live with different people who have various cultural background. It gives people a social network that support each other through the experience of living in Taipei.

It is a new and exciting way these days. It provides a reasonable price because you don’t have to worry about paying monthly energy bills (like water, gas, electricity and wifi) as these are all included in the rent, and share house also provides additional personal care products, such as shampoo, body wash, hair dryer, etc.  When you compare with regular rental apartments, and it has become the most popular living style amongst young people due to its convenience and comfortable environment. It has a lounge where all people can stay together and share days together. It is the best place to be socialized with others by sharing a common room together, you won’t feel alone because you will always have someone to share with. If you are looking to meet new people and share stories with others, We believe that share house/ co-living space can help you to find an ideal place that you can call “home” from home, and your Taipei life will be one of highlights in your lifetime.

What Does Co-Living/Shared House Include?

You probably will ask if a shared house expensive, you don’t have to worry about it, because it is at a reasonable level compare to a regular apartment.

Home Sweet Home Share House Regular Rental Apartment
Initial Fees Agency Fee N/A It Depends
Security Deposit 1 Month Rent 2 Months’ Rent
Administrative Fee N/A N/A
Furniture Provided It Depends
Appliances Provided It Depends
Living Supplies Provided Not Provided
Bed Sets Provided Not Provided
Monthly Expenses Energy Fees (Water/Electricity/Gas/Wifi) Included Extra Expenses Added
Weekly Cleaning Included Not Provided
Garbage Disposal Included Not Provided
Management Fees Included Not Provided
Maintenance & Repair Services Provided It Depends (whether you have a nice Landlord).
Other Minimum Lease Term 1 Month 1 Year
Room Types
  1. Single rooms: It comes with AC, bed, closet, desk, chair. You will have more privacy and lots of space that you can put your stuff. Kitchen, bathroom, shower is shared in the public space.
  1. Double room: shared by 2 people, security boxes are provided. The rental price is cheaper than single rooms, and you will have more space than a 4 people share room. Kitchen, bathroom, shower are shared in the public space.
  1. Share room: shared by 3 or 4 people with bunk beds, security boxes are provided. This is the cheapest option, and you will share a room with friendly people from different backgrounds. Kitchen, bathroom, shower are shared in the public space.

The Difference Between a Share House with Regular Shared Apartment

Share houses are managed by management company, who sign housing agreements with landlords. And management company will sign housing agreement with each individual tenants. Therefore tenants won’t get connected with landlords directly, share house will solve every problems between tenants and landlord.

A shared apartment is when landlords of the property rent out the entire place to different tenants with one agreement. A group of tenants are listed on one tenancy agreement when they are renting the whole place. Lease term usually will be one year or longer.

The Difference Between Share House with Hostel/ Hotel

You will stay with others in share house with cheaper price than checking in hotels and you will share common space with others at the same time. You will feel like it’s more like a home because other tenants in share house are very friendly and respectful. Also unlike hotel/ hostel normally provide daily accommodation, co-living space tenants normally sign lease term of 3- 6 months, or even longer.

Why are Share House So Popular?
  • A flexible job markets

Millennials always move around and strive for a better opportunity, in other words, they don’t really stick with one place. So, they are very flexible to move around and explore the possible living environment when they are in different cities.

  • More opportunities in urban area

There will be more than 70% of population living in urban area by 2050 according a research. Urban areas provide better opportunities and possibilities for young generation. However, the housing markets are pretty expensive for them, so the shared houses have become to the best option for young generation to choose while enjoying urban lifestyle.

  • The loneliness

According to a research, it describes that 10% of people who are 20-30 years old feel lonely. Shared accommodation can solve this problem because people will have times to share with their roommates and have someone always to talk with.

  • A lovely environment

Shared house will help you to create a new circle of friends and community, and you will be living with students or workers internationally. For whom new to the city, you might even make some friends before going to school or start to work in Taipei. It is a great way to open up your first social circle in Taipei, and you will find an easy way to hang out with new friends and their friends.

  • Networking

When you choose a shared house, you will meet different groups of people globally, which means that you can be involved in a support network that helps one another to experience the Taipei lifestyle of moving from their countries and homes. You will probably meet people from a shared house practically become your family.

What Kind of People are Suitable for Share House or Co-living Space?

For all people

You might think Taipei co-living accommodation is just for millennials, you are wrong. There are people of various age groups. Taipei co-living aims at a younger group of people because they are easier to be attracted to the trendy Taipei lifestyle.  People don’t think it’s a trend just for millennials, and you will meet people from different working industries. You don’t have to worry about isolation in a foreign place, you are going to create your social circle while enjoying your time in Taipei.

Share House and Co-living Space with Home Sweet Home

How exciting to experience a new city while living in Taipei shared accommodation, and you are about to hit the world! It is time to live large and in charge. Home Sweet Home Share House provides different kinds of accommodation to reach your living expectation, we want to help you to enjoy the city!

You will explore networking opportunities and support that you will not find somewhere else at Home Sweet Home. You will find the possibility and opportunity in a shared house, it will bring advantages, memories, circles of friends that you won’t be regretted. Let us find you the dream home that belongs to you.