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Home Sweet Home Co-working Space is a new co-working space created by the Sweet Home team following the Co-living industry for business operators, young professionals , entrepreneurs, nomad workers, business travelers, and individual studios. Here you can freely communicate, share, and connect each other with different work teams. The settled enterprises will meet more opportunities here, expand business contacts, become each other's business network, and accelerate the growth of the company. In addition to space sharing at work, Sweet Home also provides users with one-day use space and short-term meeting & venue lending.
Fill out the application form on the website's "Applicaton " page and follow the instructions to apply for admission! We'll put you in touch with one of our assistants.
Single-day office demands can be instantly inserted into the space using the "online reservation system," or you can choose ten-day, single-month, and other plans according on your work needs, with 24h smart access control for entry and exit. After completing your online reservation, you will be given an electronic entry and exit QR code as well as a password.
For long-term corporate teams, Home Sweet Home provides an independent office for 3-7 employees as well as dedicated desk with 24-hour access. Meeting room utilization hours and 3 in 1 Printer Machine usage points vary depending on the work schedule.When not organizing events, all resident companies are free to utilize the public space, as long as they do not bother others and keep the area clean and neat. For details, please refer to the "Workspace solutions " page.
We'll have a basic evaluation procedure in place to ensureeveryone has a terrific working and communication environment. If you fill out the "Application" form, we will first learn about your industry and the work plan you wish to avail, and then we will be able to confirm the available seats in the open space/ private office for your team. We welcome you here as long as you need a place to focus on work, chat, or meet!
Conference room rental: On the "Workspace solutions " page, you can go straight to the "Online Reservation System" to see the available time slots and arrange an appointment. Following the completion of your online reservation, you will be given an electronic entry and exit QR code as well as a password. Use the website's "Rental Venue" feature to rent a venue.To apply for a rental, fill out the basic information on the website and follow the instructions! Our assistant will contact you to discuss the rental period and pricing, whether you require on-site journals, and to confirm the equipment, etc.

Equipment Related

Yes, all you need to bring is your computer and work tools. The Home Sweet Home co-working facility offers a comfortable working atmosphere. Tables and seats, lockers, printers, projection equipment, basic tea space, and freezers are all available depending on the package availment.
Co-working space is in principle a shared space(Open workspace). Whether you are an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, a freelancer, or a student preparing for an exam, you can find like-minded partners in this space. Through mutual exchanges, we hope that this place will become a warm and mutually helpful shared office space, while individuals . interact and connect with each other and ultimatky get a lot of benefits from it!
In the co-working space, there are air conditioners, table&chair, lockers, 3 in 1 printer machine, 24-hour smart access control, comfortable sofa areas, lazy bean bag areas for rest and so on. The pantry includes: refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser, coffee machine, microwave oven, toaster, dishes, cups etc,.
According to different plans, such as single-day or single-month plans, there are specified usage periods from day to night. For a longer settlement plan, we provide 24-hour access control, and you can come here to work at any time.
Company or business individuals who enrolled in “Private" Office" and "Dedicated Seat" are welcome to meet your clients and visitors in the public space to discuss work projects or conduct business. Visitors and friends are also welcome to come to the place to wait for you to finish your work, as long as they do not disrupt the other professionals. If the number of visitors is unusually high, you need to inform space management team for the usage and details.
The application for a company communication address as well as the registration of a firm can be offered. Please apply to Home Sweet Home co-working space in advance and inquire about the cost if the company team has any needs. You can also inquire about similar services from the space manager.

Payment Related

The rent already includes utilities, cleaning fees, access control fees, high-speed internet access, coffee and tea, and there will be no additional fees charged to you!
Home Sweet Home co-working space supports a variety of payment methods, and online payment is not a problem.
A security deposit is required to settle in the co-working space, which is two months' rent! The security deposit will be returned when there is no damage on the day of the end of the contract.
We can issue a unified invoice, please inform us in advance before moving in.

How to choose a Co-working Space (Open Workspace) that is right for you?

Want to work as a freelancer or form a team but don’t want to give up the chance to meet new people? In the co-working space, by working with professionals from different industries, the company can grow and get more opportunities for cooperation.

We give you some tips for picking a co-working space so you can quickly understand your needs!

When signing the contract, the first step to confirm is whether it is a formal contract, and confirm the ownership of the rent, deposit and responsibility with the leasing operator in detail, and read all the details in the process (remember to have three days of review), if you find any unreasonable parts, you must respond quickly, so as to ensure good work quality in the future.
Not quite sure what to prepare? Just bring your computer and your work profile. In the co-working space, there are air conditioners, table and chair, lockers, 3 in 1 printer machines, 24-hour smart access control, comfortable sofa areas, bean bag areas for rest and so on. The pantry includes: refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser, coffee machine, microwave oven, oven, dishes, cups. Everything you need for the day is here.
Perhaps this is a criteria for good or unsatisfactory workspace management, such as if any of the space's equipment is damaged or unavailable. It can be done in an emergency circumstance if the operator can handle it as quickly as possible. Ascertain that no unpleasant events occur when utilizing this workspace, and that a pleasant working environment is maintained.
Individuals in the co-working workplace has higher chance of become each other's business connections. They can ask other professionals to engage commercial cooperation when addressing industrial needs. We'll also arrange activities to introduce individuals to one another. The co-working place feels like a big family, and it's a welcoming environment.

Here are three tips to make it quicker to choose which workspace to settle:

When you become a freelancer or start-up team, do you need more business connections and assistance from different industries? If you often need to travel to meet customers and don’t want to spend too much time in traffic, the location of the workspace is very important . Do you need to prepare a lot of other things when working in this space, can you just bring a laptop and work materials? Then the completeness of the equipment in the space also needs to be considered. In this way, you will be able to identify your priorities for the workspace, and it will be clearer about the space you want.
Varied co-working spaces (shared offices) have different restrictions, such as the space's opening time, air-conditioning use time, which piror industry this co-working space preferred, whether 24h access control is available, and so on. etc. Knowing these usage norms and space rules will also make the process of using the workspace more comfortable if it is clear from the start. At the same time, you may be concerned about whether the co-working space's atmosphere is to your liking, as well as the type of individuals you want to work with in the future; therefore, you must remember to ask the operator about these concerns before signing the contract; after all, only after understanding these can you sign the contract.
Follow the rules of the Home Sweet Home co-working space and speak softly especially when you are in the public spaces. Clean the surroundings on your own and treasure all of the decorative items in the space. There will be no additional cleaning expenses, but if the furniture is damaged, there will be additional maintenance fees. Please respect the venue's closing time and do not arrive early or use overtime. Cooking or using open flame heating equipment is not recommended. Smoking, narcotics, transporting dangerous items, gambling, and other activities that violate laws, rules, public order, or good customs are absolutely forbidden.