Contract Related

We mainly provide physical addresses in Taipei for company registration and assist with providing the necessary documents for registration. We currently do not offer agency services. However, if needed, we can introduce you to our partner law firms/ accounting firm in Taipei to assist you with this aspect.
If you decide to register at our address, the first step is a preliminary review of your company's business operations at our Taipei address. For established companies, a business registration form/change of information form is required. For new companies, a name pre-approval document is required.
We prefer physical signing of contracts, which will be done in Taipei. If that's inconvenient, online signing is possible. We can email you the contract, which you'll need to stamp and mail back to us.
After the contract is signed and payment is received, we'll provide the relevant registration documents via a cloud link.
Yes, a representative can sign on their behalf. You can request the power of attorney template from our customer service.
A: The company's stamp, business registration form/change of information form, business registration pre-approval document, ID of the person responsible, ID of the signer. If someone other than the responsible person is signing, a power of attorney is needed.

Service Related

Yes, our service package includes mail collection. We'll notify you on Line if you receive any mail.
Import/export companies can register at our address, but please note: tax rebates on exports aren't available, you can only use the offset tax credit.
No, if registered at a business center, the company can't apply for a VAT exemption.
If you're collecting mail personally, please come between 9:00-18:00 on weekdays.
If, after signing the virtual office contract, objective reasons like Taipei address zoning make it impossible to register at our address, the contract can be canceled. But typically, if the preliminary review passes, this situation won't arise.
Formal move-out proofs from both the Taipei City Government and the National Taxation Bureau are required.

Payment Related

You can pay monthly, but the cost will be higher than the annual payment.
Currently, we accept cash, bank transfers, and credit card payments. A HSH processing fee will be applied to credit card transactions.
For new companies, once you have a company number, our accounting department will help issue the invoice that month. For established companies, invoices will be issued at the end of the month.
Invoices will only be issued once for the annual registered address fee.
Since the annual plan requires a one-year payment upfront, if you need to move out earlier, the fee won't be refunded. However, the deposit can be returned after providing move-out proof.

Choosing the Right Virtual Office (Company Address Registration)

Virtual offices offer a flexible working environment, professional business addresses, virtual phone numbers, mail management, and meeting facilities. Highlighted by cost-efficiency, flexibility, and a professional image, our virtual offices can enhance your competitiveness in the digital world.

The address is: 2nd Floor, 24 Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei.
Yes, a deposit equivalent to two months is required.
For this aspect, you'll need to provide some documents for the pre-inspection of the business location. Generally, approval largely relates to the relevance of the business operation, and not the fact that this is a historic building in Taipei.
Yes, after signing the contract and receiving payment, we'll provide the necessary documents for address registration through a cloud link.

Virtual Office: Tax-related Questions

Yes, we can introduce you to accounting firms in Taipei.
As required by the National Taxation Bureau, please declare your company's business tax on time. If a business fails to report its business tax within the specified deadline, we reserve the right to renew your contract; if reminders are continuously ignored, you'll need to move out of the registered address the following year.