General Questions

If you're over 18, staying with a host family in Taiwan will make you feel incredibly self-reliant. You'll have the freedom to go about your daily life while also respecting the host family's lifestyle and existing house rules—much like you would when living with your own family or sharing a house with others. Simple acts like sending a quick message to your host if you expect to return late from an evening out show that you care about them and want to ensure they don't worry about your safety.
The homestay fee covers your room and access to shared spaces within the house, and if you've opted for it, meals as well, along with all utility charges and taxes. Please note that service usage is governed by terms and conditions, as well as reasonable use guidelines.
A large portion of our guests choose to visit Taiwan for educational reasons, internships, or other professional purposes. Many of them attend language schools, participate in semester exchange programs at local universities, or engage in local language centers.
Our host families have been meticulously chosen to ensure you have an enjoyable homestay experience in a comfortable environment. They possess friendly, amiable, and welcoming personalities, and they've opted to become hosts due to their interest in cultural exchange and their eagerness to meet and assist young individuals. Hailing from diverse professional backgrounds, they mirror the richness of Taiwan's community.

Homestay Related

Contract helps ensure that both you and the host family's rights are protected. Additionally, the contract serves as evidence of mutual understanding, outlining various specifics from accommodation costs to household rules. So yes, you will have to sign a contract.
Yes, you will have your own key of access to the house and to your room. In terms of the kitchen usage, this does depend on the meal plan chosen and the description of the host.
Homestay accommodations offer single or double beds, along with wardrobes and study desks. While a study desk might not be included in every room, the host family will guide you to an alternative area within the house—typically the living room or a study room—where you can comfortably study. Bedding will be provided by your host family. Rest assured, you'll have the opportunity to preview room photos before finalizing your booking.
We don't have the exact menu yet but we are pretty sure you will be eating a lot of Taiwanese local food. Please ensure to include any allergies in your application. This way, we can match you with a host who can accommodate these needs.

Payment Related

All payments must be made to Host Family Stay and never to the host.
All the tax (5%) of homestay fee is already include in the price.
If you decide to go out with your host family, they usually cover the expenses. Please make sure to communicate and plan together in advance.

How to choose a homestay that is right for you?

Selecting the right homestay involves considering factors such as location, your preferences, host profile, household dynamics, house rules. By carefully assessing these elements, you can find a homestay that best suits your needs and ensures a comfortable stay.

Yes, there are either bus or metro near the host family.
Prior to inviting any friends to your accommodation, it's essential to seek and obtain permission from your host. If any damages to the host's property occur due to your friends, you will be held accountable for these damages and responsible for covering the associated costs.
You can eat out or having dinner with your homestay but if you decide to eat out please make sure to tell the homestay in advance.
Normally our verified homestay does have a basic level of english so please don't worry. If not, it will be a best opportunity to practice your Chinese with them.
If you don't feel comfortable, please let host family know for help, also if you need our help, we will be there anytime.
Maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in your room is important, as well as tidying up after using shared spaces like the kitchen or bathroom. However, It's not your obligation to handle household chores, as the host family takes care of cleaning the common areas; it's considered courteous and often welcomed if you lend a hand with tasks like dishwashing or clearing the table after meals.
Absolutely not. Our hosts don't anticipate all their guests to be fluent in Chinese, and they will make every effort to communicate effectively with you.

Other Questions:

If you find that the current homestay isn't the right fit, we can certainly discuss options to explore different accommodations. But please give us a notice 1 month in advance. This will allow us to assist you in either canceling your current arrangement or arranging an alternative homestay accommodation.
For individual room bookings, the minimum age for staying with a host family is 16 years old, and there is no upper age limit.
A small gift from your home country will always be appreciated.