Life Style

Guest Experience Sharing

Frida: ” Flatmates who moved in here are so awesome, and we always take care of each other. Everyday no matter who come back home after work, we will ask like “How’s your day?” I experienced this kind of lifestyle before when I was on working holiday visa in Australia. And this time I am very happy that I can experience again.”

Zhongzhu:“Today is my last day in Taiwan, I’ve enjoyed my stay with people here, it was really a special and meaningful experience for me. Anyway, thanks for all the kindness, wish to see you again. Hope can see you all again.”

Jadis: “I’m from Korea! Here is so nice to live!! I don’t feel lonely and at the same time I can improve my Chinese and English!!”

Heiko: “I like the atmosphere here, feel like a family. Flatmatses are so nice and friendly. I can also improve my language here. Highly recommend.”

Sofie: “This share house is the best! I initially was going to stay only one month, but I ended up extending six months in total. Wish I could stay longer but all good things must come to an end. Love this place, it’s a real home away from home! I recommend you all to stay here. You will have the best time meeting both local and foreign friends!”

Demi: “I am a digital nomad, I move around from country to country, staying here and there for short term, like 2 months, 4 months. I think socialization comes inside here. Like…people invite their friends and I get to meet a lot of people as well. Organically, just sit around this table, I get to talk to other people, exchange ideas, information, and become friends.”

Nina: “It is nice to live here. Great Transportation, and it is a safe neighborhood where I don’t worry about go back home late night. Flatmates from all over the world. For Taiwanese who look for short-term or long-term accommodation, and who also want to experience various culture exchanges, here is the great place for you. You can enjoy English speaking daily life, and be English teacher for flatmates from other countries. What’s more, here has all furnished living environment with shampoo, body wash all provided and daily garbage disposal. I feel life here is very convenient. I will miss everyone here.”

Thomas: “You will have roommates that are not only here to live with you but also take care of you. It’s like a family atmosphere here. So you will feel comfort not only physical but also mental.”