Our first co-living space is located along HangZhou South Road, about a 5-minute walk from the Dongmen metro station.  You will get friendly flatmates from all over the world!



Home Sweet Home Share House Dongmen 2, just few steps away from Dongmen 1. The life in this Co-living space is easy and relaxing. Walking distance to Yongkang street and Dongmen metro station. 2 min walk to Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall.

This Coliving space is located in Zhongshan District, old downtown Taipei. Easy lifestyle. Convenient public transportations just steps away- 5 min walk to metro station. If you really enjoy Taiwan local foods, this is the apartment rental which you can’t miss.

Only 5 minutes away from the Nanjing Fuxing MRT Station. The nearby Fuxing North Road and Nanjing East Road are famous for office buildings and financial institutions. The Liaoning Night Market, just 200 meters away from the share house, contains authentic Taiwanese restaurants and best street foods.



The Taipower & NTNU Share House is located at the residential area close to NTNU, 2 min walk from home you can arrive to local shopping areas and Shida night market. If you like to make friends and to explore varies Taiwanese local street food, living here is a very good option for you.

City Hall Share House is located in a quiet residence area where is 2 minutes away from the Taipei City Hall MRT station. You can see Taipei 101 building just from the balcony of the house.  Not only here is convenient for transportation, it is also super easy for shopping and eating. 

Dingxi Share House can be reached within 3 minutes walk from the MRT station. 
A very convenient location. There are many snacks, chain fast food and coffee shops nearby, and there are also some department stores for daily necessities that you can easily have access with.

Located in the bustling East District of Taipei, in the quiet alleys of Tongan Street, it is only two minutes away from the MRT station. Near the Xinyi Anhe Station, there are exotic cuisines, the famous Tonghua Street Night Market, so you have choices every day. 

Whether it is going to the bustling Xinyi business district, enjoying authentic street food, or going out to Mt. Elephant Hiking Trail to watch the night view of Taipei, Yongchun is a great location start your co-living life in Taipei.

Even when you’re alone at night, far away from home, there’s no need to feel lonely or homesick. All you have to do is descend a few stairs and you’ll find yourself in the lively Shida Night Market, filled with a strong sense of community. Just a 4-minute walk from the Taipower metro station, this shared house offers an experience that feels just like home. It should be your top choice.

The Xiangshan share house is perfectly situated, adjacent to bustling urban centers such as the World Trade Center and Taipei 101, and it is also near  mountain forests. The mountain’s provides an unmatched night view of Taipei which you cannot miss. 

Situated right across from Zhongshan MRT Station, it takes less than a minute to walk there – the convenience is truly unbeatable. Just cross the bustling street, and you’ll find yourself at Taiwan’s hottest department stores and renowned streets, with trendy pop-up shops and quality lifestyle options just steps away.