General Information

Easy to rent and move in as there are no middlemen like brokers and you don’t need to deal with difficult landlords. All-in One rental price & Flexible lease term make your life much easier. We have a community that maximize the public space for every flatmates. In here your life, work, culture, languages, can be shared with each other.
Please fill in the move-in application with us on the “Application” page, then we will have team member to contact you soon.
We offer flexible lease term with minimum stay of just one month. For termination of the contract, you can move out by giving us 30 days “no extension notice”. For renewal of the contract, you can renewal by giving us the notice by 45 days before the contract terminate day. So there is no need to have your exact move-out date decided on your move-in day.
We have selection process for every move-in application in order to make sure every tenants to have nice and friendly flatmates.
Not a problem at all! As long as you can speak basic English, you are good to move in. There are actually many tenants at Home Sweet Home Share House who do not speak Chinese or have just started studying, or who visit Taiwan for the first time. Furthermore, the local flatmates moving to Home Sweet Home Share House are interested in foreign languages and cultures, and many of them would like to speak English in daily life. Your flatmates will be happy to help you in difficult situations, and many people have actually improved their language skills after moving in. Don’t worry!

Facilities / Flatmates Related

Yes, we provide furnished apartment along with beddings and basic living supplies. We want you to live a hassle-free life.
We create a family atmosphere in here. The flatmates of the share house may come from different countries all over the world. You can make friends and enjoy different culture exchanges staying here. There will also be official organized events held inside the share house to connect people closer.
The common space is equipped with basic home electronics such as an air conditioner, TV, washing & dryer machine, hair dryer, refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, kitchen utensils such as frying pans, pots and cutlery etc. In each individual room, there will be open closet with hangers, storage box, garbage bin, extension cord and more.
There is no curfew, so you can enter and leave the house at any time you like, as long as you do not disturb your flatmates.
We require every tenants to respect and be nice to each other. And if unfortunately you don’t get along with others, we can assist you to apply for our share house in different locations.
You are welcome to have visitors during the day(up to 10:00 PM), but out of consideration towards your flatmate’s privacy, security and daily life rhythm, having someone stay overnight is strictly prohibited.

Payment Related

Yes, in here “one bill pays all”. There will be no extra charges.。
Yes, we support multiple payment methods include paying via our online payment system.
We will need security deposit from you before you move in, which the amount is equal to one month rent. Rent of the first month has to be paid by your move-in day
Yes, we can issue uniform invoice for your staying. We welcome companies and schools for business cooperation.

Tips On How to Pick A Good Share House

It is important to pick a shared house that suits you and you will find a comfort zone after a working day. We will give you some tips on how to pick a nice shared house in Taipei, and we are confident that those tips will give you some clues about making the right decision.

You need to be 100% sure that there’s an actual contract, and also to double-check if it is a contract with a fixed-term, rental contract, the property rules, how much you need to pay for the rent, additional charges for facilities, how the company response problems efficiently. Make sure that you go through the contract carefully, if you don’t understand something, you can always ask about your concerns. You have to make sure that you get the satisfied answers before signing the contract.
If the share house company has no permission from landlords to sublease to guests, it is an illegal activity, and landlords have rights to kick all tenants out at any time. Electrical errors, handrails not installed on all staircases, missing & broken smoke Alarms, dangerous windows, etc. You need to check all facilities are good, and work before moving in.
If the share house company has no permission from landlords to sublease to guests, it is an illegal activity, and landlords have rights to kick all tenants out at any time. Electrical errors, handrails not installed on all staircases, missing & broken smoke Alarms, dangerous windows, etc. You need to check all facilities are good, and work before moving in.
Different share houses offer different packages. All Shared houses under Home Sweet Home Brand are fully furnished, also provide weekly cleaning services and basic living supplies. The only thing you need is to bring your luggage, and be comfortable.
We understand that it is hard to avoid some small issues with house facilities, for example: light bulb not working etc,. If the management team can help you to solve some issues, you will feel more relief and more open up to them when you need to help with something. In Home Sweet Home Share House, we treat our tenants as our friends. We invite all flatmates on a social media group online, therefore it is convenient and easy for tenants to communicate anytime. We also provide a housekeeper for each shared house to make sure each of our properties is in a great condition, most importantly to make our tenants happy and comfortable.
It is very important for the property management team to respond quickly regarding residents’ emergencies. For example, you have a problem with water leak at property, and you need to contact the company to make sure they deal with the issue immediately. You can also “judge” the company by their efficiency in dealing with any emergencies, you don’t want to fix problems at the last minute.

Three tips to find a shared house that suits you the most

When you become a freelancer or start-up team, do you need more business connections and assistance from different industries? If you often need to travel to meet customers and don’t want to spend too much time in traffic, the location of the workspace is very important . Do you need to prepare a lot of other things when working in this space, can you just bring a laptop and work materials? Then the completeness of the equipment in the space also needs to be considered. In this way, you will be able to identify your priorities for the workspace, and it will be clearer about the space you want.
Varied co-working spaces (shared offices) have different restrictions, such as the space's opening time, air-conditioning use time, which piror industry this co-working space preferred, whether 24h access control is available, and so on. etc. Knowing these usage norms and space rules will also make the process of using the workspace more comfortable if it is clear from the start. At the same time, you may be concerned about whether the co-working space's atmosphere is to your liking, as well as the type of individuals you want to work with in the future; therefore, you must remember to ask the operator about these concerns before signing the contract; after all, only after understanding these can you sign the contract.
Follow the rules of the Home Sweet Home co-working space and speak softly especially when you are in the public spaces. Clean the surroundings on your own and treasure all of the decorative items in the space. There will be no additional cleaning expenses, but if the furniture is damaged, there will be additional maintenance fees. Please respect the venue's closing time and do not arrive early or use overtime. Cooking or using open flame heating equipment is not recommended. Smoking, narcotics, transporting dangerous items, gambling, and other activities that violate laws, rules, public order, or good customs are absolutely forbidden.