Taipei is not my home.

There are no neon lights in my hometown.

There are some Taiwanese songs which went viral for a while, the lyrics interpreted that the home means a lot to people. Leaving home may shows the bravery, because it makes you to get out of your comfort zone.

Taipei is a city that has lots of youngsters who are drifters.

Many films will start from the negative perspective of Taipei people being cold and arrogant, which may be the stereotype of Taipei, but is it the real side of the city?


I remember that when my previous roommate has shared story about when he was newly in Taipei, its MRT stations are like a maze. It is so easy to get lost even though when you have a map in your hand.

There is still something out of there that makes you feel empty after you settled down in this city. The feeling is like you can’t feel the rhythms of the song.

Perhaps the feeling of emptiness is the sense of loneliness.

He started to get used to living here and having some habits that he has established by living in the city after a few months.

He gradually get used to having a hot summer, cold of winter, the drizzle, and people fast pace of walking in Taipei.

He has mentioned that he’s fortunate to have the Co-living lifestyle in Taipei.

The life is not only about work, home, being alone… a daily life cycle like this, but life is more about to have someone to talk with when he comes back home.

It is no longer about having video call with an old friend. Sometimes, when he feels low, he will get support and advice from different ages of group and people from different countries.  

A large portion of young people are dreaming about to have an urban lifestyle, however, they are not encouraging enough to move forward because a word “coldness” that’s described about Taipei.

Maybe it is time we should let go the stereotype of coldness about living in a city, instead, to be open-minded and to embrace a new warm & friendly Co-living environment in Taipei.