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Application Process

Matching Process

  • We will start matching the most suitable homestay for you based on the application form that you filled in. 
  • You will receive information and pictures of the family that we pick for you. 
  • Pay the holding deposit to reserve the host family.  
  • Schedule a meeting online with our assitant to sign the contract. (about 20 mins) 
  • If there are any changes or cancellation, please notify the official line account or call us.

Reservation Details

  • To reserve a space – we will need to receive a holding deposit, which the amount is one month rent.

  • On the day of settlement, the holding deposit will be transformed into a security deposit and will be refunded within 7 days if there is no damage on the day the contract ends.

Check-in Process

  • Let us know your lading information. 

  • Schedule an airport pick-up service with us if needed.

  • Contact us and your homestay when you arrive. 

  • Have a good time with your host family!

About HSH Verified Host Families

  • Host families are eligible friendly city residents 
    who are keen to welcome overseas guests into their homes and treat them as part of the family.
  • Live in homes that are carefully vetted to ensure our guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay.
  • FREE relocation guarantee in case of any irreconcilable issues.

Payment Method

  • If the lease term is less than three months, the rent needs to be paid in a single installment; if it exceeds three months, then payments are made every three months.

  • Payment method: cash, bank transfer, convenient store payment, credit card (with 3% handling fee)

Home Sweet Home Policy

- Request for Online Meeting with Host Family -

Prior to signing the contract, if a student requests an online meeting, he/she must pay a non-refundable processing fee of NTD 2,000 for a single online meeting with a matched host family.


  •  If the student chooses to stay with the host family, the processing fee will be included in the security deposit.
  •  If the student decides not to stay with the host family after the meeting, the processing fee will not be refunded.
  •  Requesting an additional meeting with a different host family requires a new processing payment of NTD 2,000.
  •  If a student cancels or reschedules a meeting on the same day, or fails to attend, it will be considered a rejection of the host family, and the processing fee will not be refunded. Accumulating two such instances will result in the suspension of online meeting services.
  •  If a student cannot find a match due to reasons related to the host family’s side, HSH will arrange a new match at no extra charge or offer a 50% processing fee refund.

Home Sweet Home Policy

- Boarding Student Responsibilities -

These responsibilities help ensure a positive and respectful living environment within the host family and contribute to a pleasant coexistence.

  • Students are expected to adhere to the host family’s code of conduct. They should maintain a harmonious and respectful relationship with host family members, refraining from engaging in conflicts or disputes. In case of differing viewpoints, students are encouraged to seek assistance from either the host family or Home Sweet Home Team for resolution.
  • Due to individual lifestyles, students are kindly urged to complete their personal hygiene routines, including bathing, preferably before 11 PM. After 11 PM, it is essential to lower noise levels to avoid any disturbances to the household or neighbors.
  • Given the communal living arrangement, students should refrain from partial or full nudity in common areas, including instances of wearing only underwear.
  • If students reside with a family providing meals, it is advisable for students to participate in family meals whenever possible. In cases where dining outside the home is necessary, students are expected to provide advance notice to the host family.
  • In the event of a valid reason for returning home late or staying outside overnight, students should inform the host family in advance to prevent undue worry.
  • While the rent includes utilities such as water and electricity, students are responsible for their reasonable usage and should make efforts to conserve these resources during their stay. It is imperative to switch off air conditioning and lights when vacating rooms or the premises to prevent wastage.
  • During their residency, students should adhere to the designated usage guidelines for provided appliances and items. If there are any questions or uncertainties regarding their use, students are encouraged to seek clarification from the host family. Furthermore, students are expected to handle the host family’s property, including the house, furnishings, and appliances, with care. Any damage resulting from negligence may require additional compensation.
  • Students should maintain their room’s environment during their stay and contribute to the cleanliness of common areas.
  • Students are required to use laundry facilities correctly during the agreed-upon laundry schedule.