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Please fill out the form and contact us for Host Family availabilities.  

Live with a local Taiwanese Family!

Application Process

Matching Process

  • We will start matching the most suitable homestay for you based on the application form that you filled in. 
  • You will receive information and pictures of the family that we pick for you. 
  • Pay the holding deposit to reserve the host family.  
  • Schedule a meeting online with our assitant to sign the contract. (about 20 mins) 
  • If there are any changes or cancellation, please notify the official line account or call us.

Reservation Details

  • To reserve a space – we will need to receive a holding deposit, which the amount is one month rent.

  • On the day of settlement, the holding deposit will be transformed into a security deposit and will be refunded within 7 days if there is no damage on the day the contract ends.

Check-in Process

  • Let us know your lading information. 

  • Schedule an airport pick-up service with us if needed.

  • Contact us and your homestay when you arrive. 

  • Have a good time with your host family!

About HSH Verified Host Families

  • Host families are eligible friendly city residents 
    who are keen to welcome overseas guests into their homes and treat them as part of the family.
  • Live in homes that are carefully vetted to ensure our guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay.
  • FREE relocation guarantee in case of any irreconcilable issues.

Payment Method

  • If the lease term is less than three months, the rent needs to be paid in a single installment; if it exceeds three months, then payments are made every three months.

  • Payment method: cash, bank transfer, convenient store payment, credit card (with 3% handling fee)