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Top List of Coworking Spaces in Taipei 2024

Taiwan is a country that supports young businesses and startups. Its capital city, Taipei is home to many coworking spaces. These are modern business facilities that are meant to support nomadic workers, field workers, freelancers, startups, creatives, and many types of businesses. If you are looking for the best coworking space Taipei, here they are. 

In Taipei, the best coworking spaces are:

Home Sweet Home Coworking space, Taipei

辦公室外的另一種選擇:台北Coworking Space共享空間大收集! |HoliBear哈利熊|最有趣的線上服務市集
The picture is taken from the official website.

Home sweet home is one of the best coworking spaces in Taipei. This is a refreshing workspace that offers members a conducive and cool working ambience. The facility features a well-planned work area that features a dedicated desk, meeting areas, kitchens, shared office Taipei and lounging spaces. Home sweet home offers all kinds of workspaces for modern businesses and organisations. Features of this workspace include:

• A conducive environment for businesses and freelancers.

• Full business support.

• An open-plan work facility supports networking, collaboration, and a communal ambience.

• Located in the city centre.

• Dedicated private offices.

• Ergonomic chairs to support long working sessions.

• Appropriate office interior design and decoration.

• Large meeting rooms.

Best for freelancers, artists, remote teams, digital nomads, startups, and small businesses.

Home sweet home is located at 2F, №24 Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Membership plans are TWD 300 for a day pass for any hotdesk. Dedicated desks start from TWD 5200 per month. Private offices for a team of 3 and 7 people start from TWD 17,000.

Checkout https://hshsharehouse.com/coworkingspace/

Makerbar Coworking Space Taipei

MakerBar Taipei – 孕育創意點子誕生的共同工作空間– tedkawakitablog
The picture is taken from the official website.

Makerbar Taipei is a modern and sophisticated coworking space that is based in Taiwan. This is a facility that offers a conducive environment and the best support services. 

Makerbar is a business environment that offers one of the best coworking spaces in Taiwan. It features:

• Standing desk for the best business collaborations.

• A 3D printer for 3D product designing and prototyping.

• The facility is friendly to cats and dogs.

• A lounge for casual business meetings, and more.

Best for nomadic workers, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, startups, and so on.

It is located at №7, Lane 113, Sec. 1, Anhe Road, Da’an District, B1, Taipei, Taiwan.

Membership plans: A day pass for a co-worker is TWD300. The fee of 1 month for a co-worker is TWD3600.

Hun Coworking Space

The picture is taken from the official website.

Hun is one of the best coworking spaces in the Taiwanese capital. The co-working facility has been designed in such a way to increase the productivity and efficiency of each member.

This is a facility with an open plan and a public working environment that supports networking and collaboration. The coworking space is designed with a central pathway with adjacent workspaces for members. It features conference rooms and private units.

The private unit area presents retrofitted glass cubicles that are between 40 and 110 square metres. Hun coworking space is a public business facility that offers all the favourite features of a modern and highly-collaborative coworking space. It comes with features like:

• Standing desk 

• Beanbags 

• A lounging area

• Private lockers

• Skype rooms 

• A ping pong table 

• A free parking facility

• The co-working facility is accessible on a 24/7 basis

• The facility is wheelchair accessible.

• It is a pet-friendly facility for dogs and cats.

Best for freelancers, creatives, startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Hun coworking space is located at №1 Yumen Street, Taipei, Taiwan.

Membership plans are available for open-plan seating arrangements or a hot desk with each member getting a day pass of TWD 320. Members can also get a month’s dedicated desk from a starting price of TWD5000.

Futureward Coworking Space

FutureWard-Central - FutureWard
The picture is taken from the official website.

Futureward is a coworking space that offers the best well-designed facility for freelancers, creatives, and more. This is a facility that comes with an inspiring architectural design. This is a conducive work facility that offers both formal and casual office spaces. The features in this facility include:

• Standing desk,

• Beanbags,

• A 3D printer,

• An event space

• A recording studio,

• A podcasting room,

• A classic business lounge,

• Dedicated personal lockers,

• Bike parking,

• A ping pong table,

• A dog-friendly facility

Best for freelancers, startups, remote workers, and small-scale businesses

Futureward is located at B1, No. 343 Changchun Road, Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan

Membership plans for a day pass include an option for an open-plan or a hot desk at TWD 500. Membership plans for a month are TWD 5000. The membership plan for a dedicated office desk with business support is TWD 7000.

CLBC Coworking Space

CLBC-Best co-working space in Taipei - CLBC
The picture is taken from the official website.

CLBC is a top co-working facility that is based in the capital city of Taipei. This is a modern co-working facility that offers various unique workspaces as well as business support services across different locations. CLBC is a co-working facility that comes with a distinctive corporate and professional ambience. It also has the supporting infrastructures and amenities to cater to full-time business clients. CLBC offers the following features:

• A cool working environment with soft motivational music.

• Equipment for video recording,

• Dedicated personal lockers,

• Maker space,

• A Skype room, and so on.

Best for startups, established businesses, remote teams, creatives, freelancers, and so on.

CLBC is located at No. 293, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, 3F, Taipei, Taiwan.

Membership plans for a day pass can get you a hotdesk at the facility for a starting price of TWD 150 for an hour.  A dedicated desk starts from TWD 6000 for a month.

Changee – Work Nest

Coworking space on Nest Coworking, Playa del Carmen - Book Online - Coworker
The picture is taken from the official website.

Changee is an ultramodern co-working facility that is based in Taipei, Taiwan. It features a fully-equipped business facility. This co-working facility offers three different coworking spaces in Taiwan. It has also invested in additional working spaces for events and group meetings. The features of this co-working facility include:

• Personal work desks for members,

• Balcony space for relaxation and brief hanging out,

• A lounge for casual business activities and many more features.

• Best for freelancers, startups, and established businesses.

Best for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Changee co-working facility has its main address at Zhongshan North Road, №8, Lane 20, Sec 2, Taipei, Taiwan.

Membership plans for Changee for a hotdesk start at a monthly fee of TWD 3500.

Happen Coworking Space

Coworking space on Happen, Taichung City - Book Online - Coworker
The picture is taken from the official website.

Happen is a co-working facility that offers an open working space with adjacent workspaces represented by modern work desks. Membership can be daily, monthly, or annually. The amenities in Happen include:

• A shared kitchen,

• Tatami,

• A photocopying machine,

• Wheelchair accessibility,

• Friendly to dogs and cats.

Best for freelancers, creatives, startups, team collaboration, remote teams, and so on.

Happen is located at №35 Minzu Road, Central District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Membership plans for Happen include a day pass for hotdesks at TWD 200. A monthly membership begins at TWD 4000 monthly.

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