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An Epic Guide to Co-working in Taipei 2024

With many commercial facilities like the Taipei 101, coming up and filling up the cityscape of Taipei, a new work routine is emerging. The coworking facility or shared offices will redefine the way people work in the Taiwanese capital.

What is coworking?

Coworking is the process whereby workers from different organisations and companies work in the same shared office space. This is usually an open-plan large office complex with numerous table arrangements for different workers. Workers in a coworking space can be in groups or just a single individual.

Why coworking in Taipei?

Many coworkers prefer to use coworking spaces in Taipei due to various reasons. Coworking in Taipei offers many benefits compared to traditional working arrangements.

A cool ambience and social ambience: Rather than working in a traditional setting where nothing ever changes, coworking in Taipei is a breath of fresh air. You work in an aesthetic and cool environment. Additionally, there is the benefit of meeting new people everyday which inspires you to go to work.

Cost savings: Coworking spaces in Taipei help companies to cut administrative costs. Workers go to work in pre-arranged offices which enables the company to focus on their core business function. They only get to pay for office spaces, while the management handles the hassle of fully servicing the facility.

Outsourced business support: Coworking in Taipei offers companies first-class business support services through office utilities, parcel handling services, business equipment, preparation of meeting rooms, and so on.

Great opportunity for startups: Coworking in Taipei is highly beneficial for startups looking for market traction. Many coworking facilities in Taipei offer engagement programs for fresh startups to access funds and gain some traction in their chosen marketplace.

The best spot for digital nomads: Coworking in Taipei features a range of workspaces that cater to the special needs of digital nomads. It is suitable for independent scientists, remote workers, independent contractors, freelancers, and so on. It is perfect for frequent travellers.

Avoiding isolation: Coworking facilities in Taipei are designed by world-class architects. This is the perfect place to help you avoid isolation. You are part of a professional working community based in a well-designed workspace facility.

Multiple working positions: Many coworking facilities have been designed to meet the demands of present-day workers. There are various coworking arrangements and positions to help workers change positions as they work. There are standing desks, couches, sofas, beanbags, private pods, meeting offices, and so on. With coworking facilities, there are gaming activities to help keep workers relaxed and stimulate creative thinking during the day.

The pros of coworking spaces in Taipei

Cost savings: Due to the rise of traditional office spaces in Taiwan, coworking facilities in Taipei, are the way to go for companies and organisations looking to save money. Many coworking spaces in Taipei offer flexible membership fees that are considerably cheaper than traditional office expenses.

No daily office management: With a coworking space in Taipei, you do not need to perform office management activities. Rather, the owners of the facility perform the necessary office management routines.

Networking opportunities: An average coworking space in Taipei offers first-class networking opportunities. You get to interact and engage with geniuses and idea creators. You also get to connect with employees from diverse work cultures. It also provides you a lot of opportunities for more work or a new job.

Simple scalability: Coworking spaces in Taipei make easy for organisations and companies to scale their teams as they wish. You could easily add more or reduce the number of workers.

Location: Many coworking facilities in Taipei are located in suitable locations. Companies can choose specific workspace centres due to their proximity to transport infrastructure, city centre, public services, and so on.

Cons of coworking spaces in Taipei

Less privacy: One of the disadvantages of coworking spaces in Taipei is its lack of privacy. It is not recommended for work that requires strict privacy. Many desks are located in an open-plan community lounge where people can easily glance into your workstations.

Employee poaching: Many companies who work out of shared offices in Taipei run a risk of losing their employees. There are lots of business vacancies in the city. This means that employees may easily switch jobs to the detriment of the company.

Data leakages: If you are working in shared offices in Taipei, you risk losing your data to hackers. The use of shares internet network systems make your data more vulnerable to leakages.

Things to know about coworking in Taipei

If you are looking for shared offices in Taipei, there are several features you need to look out for. These will help you choose the best option for your purpose.

  1. Nature of the coworking facility: Many co-working spaces in Taipei offer three types of co-working arrangements: private offices, dedicated desks, and hot desks. Each arrangement is suitable for specific businesses or freelancers.
  2. Location: Just like real estate, the location of your office is very important. You will need to choose between workspaces in the city centre and those on the outskirts of Taipei. You will need to consider parking availability, public transport infrastructure, networking possibilities, and so on.
  3. Design of the office: Many co-working facilities in Taipei are greatly influenced by their designs. The ambience and mood are usually influenced by the lighting and surrounding temperature. 
  4. Available budget: Taipei workspaces are offered at various rates. Since there are various available options, you will want to consider your budget. Create a budget that is suitable for the size of your work or project.
  5. Hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rent: There are various rental arrangements for different shared office plans with Taipei co-working spaces. You will need to choose a pass that you can work with.
  6. Accessible hours: Many Taipei co-working facilities have a limited access period for members. Others do not. If you have so many clients from various time zones, you may need a coworking facility with 24/7 access.
  7. Amenities: Many co-working spaces in Taipei have amenities and added perks. You should be able to get services like fast internet, meeting rooms, recreational areas, kitchens, coffee stands, printing equipment, meeting rooms, free beer, and so on.
  8. Hidden costs: While you may be happy to accept the extra amenities and services that come with your workspace, be sure to look for hidden costs. Many coworking facilities will tell you upfront about their fees. But, you need to ask for the costs involved when using some services.

Best coworking spaces in Taipei in 2024

Home Sweet Home Coworking space, Taipei

辦公室外的另一種選擇:台北Coworking Space共享空間大收集! |HoliBear哈利熊|最有趣的線上服務市集
The picture is taken from the official website.

Home sweet home is one of the best coworking spaces in Taipei. This is a refreshing workspace that offers members a conducive and cool working ambience. The facility features a well-planned work area that features a dedicated desk, meeting areas, kitchens, shared office Taipei and lounging spaces. Home sweet home offers all kinds of workspaces for modern businesses and organisations. Features of this workspace include:

• A conducive environment for businesses and freelancers.

• Full business support.

• An open-plan work facility supports networking, collaboration, and a communal ambience.

• Located in the city centre.

• Dedicated private offices.

• Ergonomic chairs to support long working sessions.

• Appropriate office interior design and decoration.

• Large meeting rooms.

Best for freelancers, artists, remote teams, digital nomads, startups, and small businesses.

Home sweet home is located at 2F, №24 Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Membership plans are TWD 300 for a day pass for any hotdesk. Dedicated desks start from TWD 5200 per month. Private offices for a team of 3 and 7 people start from TWD 17,000.

Checkout https://hshsharehouse.com/coworkingspace/

SkyCo Co-working space

The picture is taken from the official website.

If you are looking for a first-class co-working facility, then SkyCo workplace is the venue you want to check out. This is a modern workspace that has been designed by a design director based in New York City. This facility offers spacious and comfortable coworking spaces, private offices, and dedicated desks. As a Reddot design award-winning workspace, this facility uses the power of architecture to drive worker productivity. You get an innovative and welcoming work environment. It offers you the chance to work among a community of creatives in a conducive environment. SkyCo Co-working facility is in high demand due to its proximity to metro stations in the centre of Taipei city. This is a well-designed co-working facility that is highly suitable for startups, multinational corporations, and freelancers.

Some important features of SkyCo Co-working facility are:

• A very fast WiFi connectivity

• Offers business printers for office support

• Comes with a decent visitor area

• Free tea and coffee for members

• Option of a locker and office cabinet for storage of work materials

• 360° security provided by CCTV surveillance cameras

• Front desk suited for various work conditions.

• An effective mail handling service support system.

• Offers 24/7 keyless access to the facility.

• Comes with a top-grade Red dot award-winning architectural design.

• Presence of phone booths helps enhance business operations

• Free meeting/collaboration rooms for all members of the co-working space.

102 co-working space

The picture is taken from the official website.

102 co-working space is another decent workspace facility for digital nomads in Taipei. This is a prime facility that has been designed to provide the best office support services in the city. This workspace facility has been designed with ergonomics and daily productivity in mind. Located close to the city centre, the workspace offers the best interior office working amenities. This is a coworking facility that has been optimised for all types of workers, a community of creatives, and life in general.

Some of the most prominent features of 102 coworking spaces are:

• Dedicated desks for freelancers, startups, etc.

• Private offices for 2 to 8 people.

• Meeting room to accommodate between 8 and 12 people.

• Hot desks for digital nomads, startups, creatives, business executives, and so on.

• All work areas have been equipped with ergonomic chairs and desks for maximum productivity.

• All work areas are equipped with modern business facilities for maximum engagement.

• Presence of sophisticated projectors for business presentations.

• Features storage cabinets.

• An open-plan design to enhance collaboration and communal relationships.

• An excellent workspace facility for creatives and start-ups.

• Dedicated work pods with excellent soundproofing.

The Project 0.1

The picture is taken from the official website.

If you are a digital nomad with an independent mind, then Project 0.1 might just be the right coworking space facility for you. Located in the Shilin district of Taipei city, Project 0.1 offers a highly conducive ambience for your projects and main job. It also offers you the ability to have a deep networking connection. This coworking facility offers creative spaces to meet members’ convenience and comfort. This is a facility that is located right in the middle of Taipei City and offers one of the best business support services. Project 0.1 comes with such facilities like:

• A secured facility with modern business support services.

• Offers a communal space for professional networking and collaboration.

• It offers budget working spaces for its members.

• Modern cleaning facilities for all members.

• Located in proximity to various transportation systems.

• Features well-designed spaces with open-plan offices, private workspaces, office pods, and so on.

• Features a private indoor hot spring facility.

• Features a modern workout area located on the upper floor.

• Features a music studio for performing music.

• Features a lounging area with sofas, reclining chairs, etc.

• Features cafes and cafeterias to cater to your appetite during long working sessions.

WeWork Co-working space, Taipei

The picture is taken from the official website.

WeWork is a global co-working franchise that is changing the way people work in our modern world. This is one of the biggest co-working franchises in the world. It has its operations on many continents. The franchise has more than 400 workspaces across the world. They are also present in Taipei. Here, they offer a world-class co-working facility that is optimised by an open-plan design for all workers. WeWork offers the best work ambience for freelancers, creatives, scaling startups, established enterprises, and young brands. The workspace facility features numerous workspace arrangements to cater to the needs of all its members.

The WeWork Co-working space, Taipei features the following:

• Private office spaces suitable for between 1 and 20 people.

• Has the presence of dedicated desks in a shared office.

• Hot desks with supporting business facilities.

• A meeting room suitable for 1 and 3.

• An exceptional architectural design with enough green areas.

• High-speed WiFi connectivity.

• Large meeting/seminar/presentation rooms with excellent business support facilities.

• Prompt staff support.

• Comes with enhanced cleaning solutions and services.

• Features phone booths used for supporting business support services.

• Comes with business-class printers.

• HVAC systems provide excellent cooling and heating systems to ensure a comfortable work environment.

• Features cafes, lounges, and relaxation spots.

• Features various office support facilities to enhance collaboration among remote teams.

The executive centre

The picture is taken from the official website.

If you are in Taipei looking for flexible workspaces, then you should check out the Executive Centre. Located in the Central Business District of Taipei, this coworking facility offers the best in business support for all members. The Executive Centre is among the best coworking spaces in the capital city of Taiwan.

The features of The Executive Centre are:

• Large and well-designed workspaces with various designs and layouts.

• A wide range of various chair arrangements for a meeting, relaxation, brainstorming, collaborating, and more.

• A fully-serviced world-class co-working facility that has been designed for freelancers, creatives, startups, entrepreneurs, remote teams, and established businesses.

• A high-speed internet connectivity through WiFi

• Dedicated phone booths for business support

• Features a global community that has over 38,000 professionals for networking.

• Features comfortable and well-equipped office spaces and meeting rooms.

• Ergonomic chairs enhance work productivity each day.

• Have various coworking spaces around the city.


The picture is taken from the official website.

Workspot is a modern coworking space that is based in downtown Taipei. It is an excellent modern working facility that is very close to the MRT station. It is located in an area with top bats, restaurants, and shopping malls. If you are in Taiwan for business, then you have no reason not to visit the Workspot. It is located in the city centre to ensure that you get everything you need to create a successful business.

The Workspot co-working space in Taipei, features:

• Well-designed and spacious workspaces for everyone.

• Features private offices for all types of workers.

• Features dedicated desks located in shared offices.

• Virtual office services and physical address support for young businesses and startups.

• Excellent for independent workers and large offices looking to minimise costs and reduce general office expenses.

• Located in the central area of Taipei.

• All members get 24/7 access to the building.

• High-speed internet services

• Large meeting rooms for all types of businesses.

• Features a coffee stand with premium coffee blends.

• Features modern shower facilities.

• Comes with a flexible layout for all types of events.

• Comes with top-notch business support services.

Seedshub co-working space Taipei

The picture is taken from the official website.

Unlike many coworking facilities in this list, Seedshub is dedicated to nurturing startups until they grow beyond the facility. The workspace is an innovative area that offers the right environment for startups to dream bigger.

The facility comes with a well-designed arrangement and layout that is flexible enough for workers to thrive. This coworking space features award-winning architectural concepts that enhance the productivity of workers. Seedshub co-working facility comes with the following features:

• An award-winning design that supports an open working environment.

• Dedicated workspaces that enhance collaboration, team working, networking, and communal engagements.

• Various workspace configurations to enhance comfortability and productivity.

• It features private offices for established compo and startups.

• It features dedicated desks to cater to the needs of all members.

• Comes with the hot desk feature that can be utilised for various office business operations.

• Features a virtual office service help that supports member businesses with enhanced support services.

• A platinum winner for its architectural designs and innovative layouts.

8 Meters

The picture is taken from the official website.

8 Meters is an exclusive co-working space in Taipei that is reserved for those looking for a quiet space to work. This is a small cafe that offers gentle lighting and tables with dark wood. While here, you get to choose to work from various working rooms. The facility is owned by an electric vehicle startup, so you would expect a lot of networking opportunities and business perks.

8 Meters is a coworking facility that features such elements like:

• Features a small and intimate workspace

• Private work rooms with book collections and beanbag chairs

• All work areas on the facility come with lockers

• Unlimited WiFi connectivity with high-speed

• Various work desks for freelancers and startups

• Features a projector, a multi-function printer, and other business support equipment

• Features well-equipped meeting rooms

• Features speakers, microwave machine, refrigerator, and so on.

• Offers free beverages

• Allows food to be brought from outside.

• Have a mail receiving support service

• Comes with flexible membership packages

Assistant Vikey
Assistant Vikey

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