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The Five-Minute Guide: 2024 Taipei Short-term Apartment Rental Recommendations for Daily and Monthly 

In Taiwan, the rental market is highly popular and typically categorized into two segments: short-term and long-term rentals. If you are not staying in Taiwan for a long time, you can choose the more flexible short-term rental option, as you won’t be bound by long-term leases. Short-term apartments in Taipei also allow tenants to experience different living environments without staying  in the same place for too long. Today, we will introduce Taipei short-term apartments  recommendations and let you know where to find the best options for short-term housing rentals in Taipei! If you are looking for a room for rent, you will be very interested in this article.

Where to find a rental apartment in Taipei? Choosing Between Daily and Monthly Rental Apartments

Whether you’re traveling to Taipei for tourism, business, or study, if your stay is not long, you might worry about not finding suitable accommodation. However, there are now more and more short-term rental options in Taipei, so even if you need to stay for a short period, there’s no need to worry about finding a room for rent!

For short-term accommodation in Taiwan, you can choose Taipei short-term housing apartments in the form of daily or monthly rentals. However, there are significant differences between these two options. It’s advisable to understand the differences before deciding which rental method to choose. We will detail the differences between these two types of Taipei short-term housing apartments below:

Taipei Short-term Rental Option 1: Daily Rental Apartments  (Stay for 5 Days or More)

Daily rental apartments in Taipei are intended for short-term stays, but generally, the rental period should be more than five days. Some travelers may only need an apartment for one or two days. In such cases, it is recommended to look for hotels on booking platforms rather than a room for rent in Taipei short-term housing apartments. Daily rental apartments for stays exceeding 5 days offer tenants more favorable prices, making them a preferred choice for many short-term renters in Taipei, especially suitable for business travelers, students participating in exchange programs, backpackers, or visitors to Taiwan.

Taipei Short-term Rental Option 2: Monthly Rental Apartments (Stay for 30 Days or More)

Monthly rental apartments in Taipei refer to rental plans of at least 30 days, mostly provided by hotels or property management companies. Since the rental period for monthly rental apartments is longer, tenants can enjoy more price discounts . By thoroughly exploring , tenants can find an affordable room for rent in monthly rental apartments that meet their needs.

Taipei Short-term Rental Option 3: Share House and monthly co-living apartments (Stay for 30 Days or More)

Due to the popularity in Taipei in recent years, short-term rental options like Share Houses and monthly co-living apartments have gradually entered the public eye. This relatively new form of communal living in Taiwan not only offers a variety of room types for tenants to choose from but also features flexible lease terms that are well-suited for those needing to rent for a month or more. Operators, like Home Sweet Home Share House, often invest more effort in public spaces to create a relaxed atmosphere, distinguishing co-living apartments from traditional rentals. Living in a co-living apartment provides tenants not only with their own private room for rent but also opportunities to interact and socialize with roommates from diverse backgrounds.

Assistant Sandy
Assistant Sandy

What are my options for finding suitable short-term accommodation in Taipei?

Home Sweet Home Share House has compiled three common options for short-term rentals for your reference! Let’s take a look together.

Assistant Vicky
Assistant Vicky

Can I Rent for Only  One Month? Some Common Types of Daily and Monthly Rentals in Taipei

What types of short-term housing rental apartments are available? They can be divided into the following categories. Additionally, we will introduce recommended short-term rental apartments in Taipei below, hoping everyone can find their preferred short-term accommodation in Taipei, including affordable monthly rental apartments.

Taipei Short-term Daily/Monthly Rental Type 1: Standard Suites/Rooms

Standard suites/rooms are the common types of Taipei short-term housing apartments, and are mostly provided by large property management companies. These companies renovate entire floors or buildings to fashion independent short-term apartments, each furnished with basic amenities like beds and bathrooms, thus establishing them as the favored option for a room for rent in short-term rentals in Taipei.

Other options are offered by youth hostels or business hotels, which also provide beds and bathrooms. Utility bills are typically included in the rent, so tenants do not need to pay them separately.

Taipei Short-term Daily/Monthly Rental Type 2: Apartment-style Suites

Apartment-style suites in Taipei are more like a home environment. In addition to basic bedding and a bathroom, these suites also provide essential facilities for daily living such as a washing machine, dryer, kitchen, and living room. Tenants have the convenience of handling laundry within the suites. This type of short-term rental has gained popularity among tenants in recent years, and is becoming a preferred choice for short-term housing rentals in Taipei. Apart from apartment-style hotels, some property management companies also offer this type of short-term rental suite arrangement.

Taipei Short-term Monthly Rental Type 3: Co-living Apartments

Another type of short-term rental apartments  are co-living  apartments such as Home Sweet Home Share House. Through this type of short-term rental apartments, tenants can interact with roommates from different countries, living together under the same roof for a short period, and experiencing authentic Taiwanese short-term living. In co-living apartments, in addition to providing basic bedding and bathrooms, there are also shared spaces, washing machines, dryers, kitchens, etc. Professional cleaning and garbage removal services are provided regularly by property management companies, allowing tenants to focus on work or travel without worry. Furthermore, co-living apartments involve sharing with other tenants, so that tenants can enjoy greater rental discounts, and the minimum rental period is just one month, which is very friendly for short-term tenants looking for a room for rent.

Home Sweet Home Share House- YONG CHUN Living Room
Home Sweet Home Share House- DAAN Living Room

Five Recommended Taipei Short-term Rental Apartments

Many companies are offering short-term housing apartments in Taipei, but the quality is uneven. Here, we introduce five recommended Taipei short-term housing apartments to help those in need find their preferred Taipei short-term rental!

Taipei Short-term Housing Recommendation 1: Home Sweet Home Share House  

Home Sweet Home Share House is a property management company located in Taipei City, and runs multiple share houses across the greater Taipei area. In addition to co-living apartments, they also provide very comfortable short-term studios for tenants to stay. The apartments are all conveniently located just a short walk away from the MRT station, ensuring ease of access for tenants. Home Sweet Home International Co-living Apartment excels  in renovating and updating properties to create modern and comfortable living spaces, where tenants can enjoy inviting friends over for delightful afternoons together.

Home Sweet Home Share House– XIANG SHAN Living Room

Tenants who are looking for Taipei short-term housing apartments can find all basic facilities in Home Sweet Home’s co-living apartments, including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, WiFi, air conditioning, TVs, and cleaning services. Home Sweet Home’s short-term rental apartments  are located closely to local attractions or landmarks, offering very convenient advantages for tenants. The concept of staying with just one suitcase at Home Sweet Home is maintained, ensuring that even first-time visitors to Taiwan need not worry, as the Home Sweet Home team and roommates provide assistance and companionship.

For tenants who prioritize personal space and may have concerns about adapting to co-living apartments, they can consider renting short-term suites in Taipei. These suites feature essential hardware facilities and, most importantly, a private bathroom, offering tenants a high level of comfort and privacy. Public spaces also include washing and drying machines, as well as water dispensers, and are located in bustling city areas, providing convenient access to transportation and dining options.

Service ProvidedCo-living Apartment-Single RoomCo-living Apartment-Shared RoomPrivate Suite
Public Areas (Living Room, Kitchen)
Basic Appliances
Room Facilities (Mattress, Bedding)
Personal Space
Routine CleaningPublic Areas:WeeklyPublic Areas:WeeklySelf-managed(Room Cleaning)
Garbage Disposal
Bathroom FacilitiesShared BathroomShared BathroomPrivate Bathroom
LocationNear MRT Station
Price Range11,500~22,0009,500~14,50018,500~23,000
Home Sweet Home Share House- DAAN Single Room
Home Sweet Home Share House- TAIPOWER Shared Room
Home Sweet Home Share House- SHUANGCHENG Private Suite
Home Sweet Home Share House- DAAN Living Room
Home Sweet Home Share House- XIANG SHAN Living Room
Assistant Vicky
Assistant Vicky

We are not only have co-living apartments for social interaction but also have independent short-term rental Apartments for you to choose from!

Contact Home Sweet Home Share House:

Line: @hshsharehouse

Home Sweet Home Share House Official Website: https://en.hshsharehouse.com/

Phone: 02-66057155

Taipei Short-term Housing Recommendation 2: The Denizen

The Denizen is located  between Da’an District and Xinyi District, close  to two MRT lines and offers car rental services for tenants. Withthe boutique hotel concept, The Denizen provides  comprehensive indoor facilities, including washing machines, basic kitchens, and  living room. The rooms at The Denizen feature unique and modern designs that create a remarkably comfortable atmosphere. Each suite is uniquely designed, ensuring a distinctive experience. Additionally, they also provide regular room cleaning services to ensure tenants enjoy a comfortable living experience at The Denizen.

Taipei Short-term Housing Recommendation 3: Istaytion International Service Apartment

Istaytion International Service Apartment located in the downtown area of Taipei City, offers both short-term and monthly rental plans. The apartment adopts a refined approach to rental services, with  comfort and a homely atmosphere for tenants. They are also equipped with essential facilities and tastefully modern furnishings, the apartment is designed to cater to the needs and preferences of a wide range of tenants.

Taipei Short-term Housing Recommendation 4: Inn Apartment

The next Taipei short-term suite recommendation is Inn Apartmenti, which is located in Taipei City. They provide both short-term and monthly rental apartments, and are conveniently located near major MRT stations for easy access. Inn Apartment  offers simplicity and essential amenities, making them an appealing choice for tenants looking for a room for rent. 

Taipei Short-term Housing Recommendation 5: ZUKER Elite Apartment

ZUKER Elite Apartment located in the Songshan area of Taipei. They have a variety of rooms for rent with essential amenities and modern designs. The property management company provides regular cleaning services, ensuring a clean and comfortable living environment for tenants. The location near public transportation and major commercial areas makes ZUKER Elite Apartment a convenient choice for those seeking a room for rent in Taipei.

Are There Affordable Short-term Rental Apartments? Prices for Daily, Monthly, and Apartment-style Rooms in Taipei

For travelers who want to rent accommodations in Taipei, apart from daily rentals, there is also an option of experiencing Taipei’s charm through monthly rentals.  The table is some price ranges for Taipei short-term apartments to assist travelers in finding affordable monthly rental suites options and their preferred short-term rentals in Taipei, including options for a room for rent.

Taipei Short-term Apartment NameTaipei Short-term Apartment  TypeRental MethodPrice/Month
Home Sweet Home Share HouseShared Room/ Single Room/ SuiteMonthly Ranging10,000~23,000
Meander Taipei Hostel Shared Room/ Single RoomMonthly Rangingfrom 20,000
Independent Suite near MRTMonthly Independent SuiteMonthly Startingfrom 18,500
GLORIA RESIDENCE Apartment1 night or more / Monthly36,630
Hotel Relax Hotel Suite1 night or more / Monthly67,202
JSL Hotel Hotel Suite1 night or more / Monthly52,500

Common Q&A for Taipei Short-term Rentals

Do short-term rentals provide washing machines and dryers?

Not every type of Taipei short-term housing apartments will provide washing machines and dryers. If tenants want to use these facilities, they may consider apartment-style rooms or co-living apartments. Home Sweet Home’s apartments are equipped with these basic amenities, providing tenants with peace of mind as they utilize them. Many of these apartments also offer a room for rent with these facilities included.

Do all short-term rentals come with private bathrooms?

If a private bathroom is required, it is advisable to consider the option of short-term housing apartments, as shared rooms or co-living apartments may require sharing a bathroom with roommates or others. Finding a room for rent with a private bathroom is often possible in these types of accommodations.

Can I cook in the suite?

Many short-term tenants like to cook by themselves, but not all  short-term housing apartments in Taipei will provide kitchens and basic facilities. However, Home Sweet Home’s co-living apartments allow tenants to willingly use kitchen facilities and do some daily cooking. Though, individual rooms do not provide this option currently. If you are looking for a room for rent with cooking facilities, co-living apartments are a good choice.

Do I have to clean the room and dispose of the garbage by myself?

The services provided by short-term apartments regarding cleaning and garbage collection may have some differences. If you want to have these services, remember to confirm with the companies when inquiring about short-term accommodation!

What furniture or amenities are provided in the apartments?

Besides bedding, does the room provide amenities such as a kettle, water dispenser, internet, TV, sofa area, etc.? These are also important factors to consider when selecting a short-term housing apartment. It is advisable to confirm beforehand whether the items you typically need in your daily life are provided, so you can choose a short-term rental apartment that better suits your preferences. 


Today’s article introduces recommended Taipei short-term housing apartments to help everyone find their preferred Taipei short-term rental. Taipei is a bustling city that combines education, culture, and finance and has been one of the most desired destinations for travelers from around the world for many years.  Because of these reasons, short-term and monthly rental suites have become a focal point for many travelers. We hope that our recommendations for Taipei short-term housing apartments will help  those travelers who are planning to stay in Taipei for a while. Welcome to contact Home Sweet Home Share House for further detailed information on co-living apartments or short-term apartments!

For those looking for a room for rent, these options provide a range of prices and amenities to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you need a short-term daily rental or a longer monthly rental, Taipei has many choices to offer. By understanding the different types of accommodations available, you can find a room for rent that meets your requirements and enhances your stay in this vibrant city.



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