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6 Points You Want to Know Before Rent an Apartment in Taipei

We know that it can be hard for students or people who study and work in a foreign country, especially looking for Taipei apartment rental. Sometimes, we all get homesick while staying away from home.

We believe that having a comfortable apartment is a very essential part. However, it can be very stressful when you have to deal with the landlord, and struggle to find a place that you love.

So today, we are here and give you the 6 key points for Taipei apartment rental,  it can help you to avoid some barriers when you are looking for a place by yourself.

Assistant Vikey
Assistant Vikey

Pay attention to the following things, you will soon be able to find a suitable house!

  • Environment

The surrounding environment for Taipei apartment rental is important. No matter if it’s a safe place or somewhere that can make you feel comfortable, like home.

There are some conditions to consider, for example, the convenience, the quality of the apartment, security, the surrounding buildings, etc.

Before you make your mind up, take time to have a visit to the place first. You will have a basic knowledge about whether you want to move in or take a longer time to look for other apartments. Then you can compare which one will be the best option for you.

  • Convenience

I believe that lots of people are looking for Taipei apartment rentals that close to their schools, workplaces. An ideal apartment can provide safe neighborhoods and convenient accessibility to the city’s major subway and bus routes.

 In desirable locations where everybody wants to live so that they can experience a modern lifestyle in Taipei. Lots of people are looking for Taipei apartment rental where provides convenient public transport, shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and schools.  Most tenants hope to live in a place that provides convenience and connectivity.

  • Roommate

When you are away from your home country, sometimes you get homesick. It is very helpful when you have roommates. You can share living space with them, and share experiences that accumulate over time.

Roommates can also give you emotional support and give you the time to connect with each other. Lots of international students meet their best friends in Taipei by connecting with their roommates. Having roommates also help to plan future activities together.

So before you decide to rent a house/apartment, it would be better for you to get to know each other first and to make sure that you have some kind of lifestyle.

  • Transportation

We suggest that you look up the transportation map first,  and see how far do you want to travel every day to school or work. You will have an overview of where you want to rent an apartment. It helps you to make a decision about where to live, is the best and convenient for you.

  • Cost

If you are looking for a nice place in a nicer area, you are most likely going to pay for a higher rent. Some apartments don’t include bills like water, electricity, management fees, etc. You have to read apartment details carefully, to make sure it’s kind of apartment that you are looking for. Some students don’t want to pay for extra bills, so make sure the apartment meets your budget.

  • Deposit

The rental deposit is an amount of money that people have to pay before you start of the tenancy for Taipei apartment rental. The deposit brings financial security to the landlord in case people breach their lease terms or damage the property during the lease.

Apartments’ information usually shows the amount of deposit, so read carefully. Sometimes you could negotiate the price of deposit with your landlord too!

If you want to look for an apartment where you can live with both locals and internationals, you can check out the below Co-living Space in Taipei:

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