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What is Co-living/ Share House and What Makes It So Popular?

What is Taipei Co-living/ Share House?

Co-living/ Share House is a lifestyle that provides you a modern accommodation with all-inclusive fees, internet, working/studying space and communal place to hang out and meet people. It is built on with the concept of openness and collaborations, Taipei Co-living/ Share House gives people the opportunity to simply live others while sharing the physical space, people share lifestyles, cultures, values interests together. Taipei Co-living/ Share House is the type of accommodation that helps you end of urban loneliness.

People find it’s really hard to pay for the costly rents in Taipei, so they find sharing accommodation is a very popular and simple way to stay in a biggie city. Most of Taipei Co-living/ Share House has pre-furnished and decorated rooms, kitchen, social space, ect. Sometimes they even have the cleaning services and social networking events to help new people to adapt their new chapter of life better.

What kind of residents is living at Taipei Co-living/ Share House?

Most of the residents at Taipei Co-living/ Share House are in their 30s, single, without children, and just moved to a new city from other countries. Taipei Co-living/ Share House not only offers a modern lifestyle but also provides a financial solution and sense of community to residents.

Lots of people want to share housing for the sake of socializing with new people, and participate in events, and not just because of saving money. Taipei Co-living/ Share House is the idea of the dream place to live, but also with a very limited budget, and the architecture is inspired to encourage people to experiences a new concept of living.

Why Co-living/ Share House is so popular among Taipei international students?

Co-living/ Share House is so popular among Taipei international students comes from some factors, including sharing similar values, enjoyment of living with people, the fact that many people want to make friends. It opens the door and helps people to start a new friendship or build up their networking. Other benefits like help people to reduce financial burden, events, a sense of society.

Taipei Co-living/ Share House appeals to lots of international students or digital nomads who are living in Taipei. Co-living/ Share House solves many problems that many people face, including mortgage payment, loneliness, etc.

You have to sign a one-year housing lease normally if you move to a new city with your furniture, pay for utilities. When the year is up, you have to renew the lease or move out. However, Taipei Co-living/ Share House usually doesn’t have the lease agreement or commitment. Sometimes you don’t have to pay for deposit and utilities. You could even find some places are furnished, so you don’t have to spend additional time to purchase furniture.

Living in a Co-living/ Share House space has become the trend of the Taipei lifestyle. You will experience enhanced productivity and also you will feel happy at the same time.

Still have questions about Share House?

If you are interested in finding a co-living space or share house in Taipei, we recommend Home Sweet Home Share House. To find more information you can visit their website:


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Assistant Vikey

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